Video-talk about Koroška Demokratična Postaja

It was a difficult year and we were concerned about how to involve our citizens, now that we were starting the Koroška demokratična postaja, our pilot on non-formal political education.

Restrictions were everywhere in place, a classical presentation, with journalists and interested public invited, was not imaginable. How to handle this situation, besides the 3×3 gallery, we already invented due to the difficulties of personal contact and the fear of not knowing how long this “virtual” situation would last – as we were quite analog with all our projects, events and activities, this was a major issue for us.

We used videoconferences quite a lot at this point in time, everybody in fact did, but the formats were boring, concentration was mostly low at a major part of participants, it was simply no fun.

We did however remember our times and expertise when we produced many broadcast formats for regional televisions SG TV and TurTV, years ago. We could equip ourselves with a wonderful life-studio at this point and even when our bandwidth did it not allow to go online for real, we could record a talk, put it in a visual framework and publish it. We sent it out, partners showed the video to their participants and it is obviously published on our YouTube-channel.

Media feedback was not that big (we expected maybe more) but the attention on the project was surprisingly high. The publishing of the video started many, many contacts and activities that are reviewable in our rubric Koroška demokratična postaja.

The project can happen due to the partnerships with MOCIS, PUM-o, the Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec and the MKC Dravograd as well as due to the visionary funding of the Active Citizens Fund Slovenia, administrated by the CNVOS. Thanks!

Please take yourself time for this talk, if you are interested in this matters and operating or experienced in Slovenia and Slovenia’s public infrastructures, you can almost immediately understand the urge that an institutions, like the one we are exercising here would be very, very welcome. Here you get to the entire 30-minutes talk (Slovenian language).

Moreover, you can read the press release, for obvious reasons in Slovenian language: press release Koroška Demokratična Postaja.

In addition, our regional radio network, Radio Koroška did dedicate some broadcast time specifically to this pilot project, on 09. 03. 2021 as well as in an entire talk on 23. 03. 2021.