Kultura Informiranja – European Youth Goals

It was February 13, usually this time we did not have any spaces, as our POSTAJA did not have any heating (not until our Rocket-Mass-Heater). This lucky year, we could not only have warm spaces, but we did guest the Mladinski Svet Slovenije, which helped us nurture our program “Kultura Informirana“, and who brought some spirit of EU to our, from time to time quite provincial region.

The European Youth Goals should become the argument of the day and the mentor, a young enthusiast of the matters in question, did his job very well. The entire event became more interactive; everybody vividly cooperated throughout the entire presentation, talk and workshop.

Main target of the event was the younger generation or youth-workers. We specifically invited all active organizations in the field and the participation was surprisingly numerous, counting the Mladinski svet Slovenj Gradec (who does not dispose over spaces, so we offer them ours), the MKC Slovenj Gradec, MKC Dravograd, MKC Ravne na Koroškem, Klub Koroških Študentov, Knjižnica Ksaverja Meška, PUM Slovenj Gradec, društvo glasbene spektakularnosti and društvo MAD.

This event, the participation as well as the numerous constructive talks showed once more, that people working in the social, youth and cultural field of a city or region should meet more often, it can be only for the good of everyone! Good people, good mood and interesting talks! Thank you Mladinski svet Slovenije!