Kultura Informiranja – Talk with Rajko Muršič

This evening was special. We had many interested visitors and quite well informed guests that were curious to talk to the renowned ethnologist and cultural anthropologist, publisher and very followed Slovenian music critic Rajko Muršič.

The evening opened somehow conventionally, as we presented the music glossary, our guest of the evening just published, named Glasbeni Pojmovnik za mlade (Musical Glossary for young people), within which he puts all words relating to music in an anthropological logic. He does it in a brief, readable way, that however superficial on first sight, gives an intriguing vision of music from an anthropological point of view.

While presenting the glossary by choosing different words and their definition, talks grew deeper and people became more involved in the talk, which probably did leave its traces as the number of curious citizens once more emphasized the general passion of Slovenians to music and their engagement in arguments round about this artistic way of expression.

Interesting for some of us, as we did not look on music in such a way. It was further informative probably also for them, already masters of the argument.

Many thanks to professor Rajko Muršič,
a pleasure!