Live for Tomorrow (European Creative Camp 016)

This publication, we initially called the Dream-Book of a Multicultural Generation, is still a Dream-Book of exactly that, a multicultural generation that is to grow up in today’s Europe. How should we not move towards multiculturalism, is it not what we always and in fact constantly try to breath. By eating sushi, ordering some good pizza at Giuseppe’s place, by taking care about Tamagotchi or while catching Pokémon, however … in reality it seems an anachronism, when looking at what is happening.

We, as the core team wanted to contribute and we did. We made it possible that youngster under 30 lived together. We imagined a common future; we got to know each other’s habits, each other’s weak spots and strengths … over a period of 14 days we worked together, shared space and food. All of that European Creative Camp 016 and the exhibition “Multicultural future of Europa, viewed my young creatives“, was put in the publication. This inspiration and documentation was distributed in as many copies as possible. To decision-makers around Europe, but also to all head of states of the members of the European Union. The limit of our doing being still and always the financial capacities.

However, we got lots of feedback and with the idea to continue to professionalize this approach of pushing our impulses; we went on, planning the next edition of the European Creative Camp in 2017 in our hometown Slovenj Gradec.

If you are interested in purchasing Live for Torrow (European Creative Camp 016), listed with the ISBN 978-961-92775-5-3, please contact us at startadialog[@]