LPK MOSG 2018-2021 – participative writing project

As requested by our local administration, who wanted to write the LPK 2018 – 2021, the local strategy paper for the cultural sector for the upcoming 4 years in a participative way, we could not have been more satisfied with the idea.

Urška Čerče, Aljaž Kitak and Rado Carlo Poggi prepared a comprehensive concept of how to write the required document, including all relevant players of the sector (Slovene language). In the first series of consultations and after the co-authoring of the first sketch, they should have happen in several phases, the interested part of our citizens would have, during a next phase and another series of public consultations, had the occasion to contribute, within a structured, moderated dialog. The idea was also to consolidate the constructive cooperation between NGOs and the public sector and reach this comprehensive strategic document as a measurable result.

As we did depend majorly on the funds we requested, unsuccessfully at a private foundation, this project, even when strongly desired by the mayor of Slovenj Gradec, did not reach its point to become reality.

Other political issues of local nature came up as the perspective of the local elections came closer and political opponents did start their campaigning. The LPK 2018-2021 and all our efforts to prepare a feasible concept went forgot.

We did not cooperate on this LPK very constructively, as the mayor changed. The timespan between 2018 and 2021 was left empty, without any strategical orientation within the sector “culture” of Slovenj Gradec. However, in 2021 we did contribute our ideas, comments and proposals, even when starting all anew and only entering the authoring on our own initiative.