Marko Marin – Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long Live Creativity!)

School had begun, somehow, and we would start our programs, expecting still some people.

With Marko Marin we have known each other since not that long, he belongs to Dnevna Soba studio, a collective of regional rappers, who have built over the past month their own studio. – Our neighbors!

Marko Marin, a musician, songwriter and producer is one of the more experienced of the bunch, he was close to publishing his, I believe 6th album. – There we were, charged to make the occasion also his first exhibition of what he does…since many years now. All the best for your music, Marko … and “Hell, yeah…!” to the Dnevna Soba crew!

The workshop that he held over some days was about studio music, working with samples and what one has generally pay attention to.

The process of setting up the exhibition was fine, the visit quite cool (respective the fear of COVID all around) and also our friends from the regional television VTV came to take some shots and interview Marko Marin about his music and Rado Carlo Poggi about the situation, ideas and strategy of raum AU. – Which was broadcasted the day after.

Despite all rightful pessimism, we continue to enjoy what we are doing, we all did in preparing for this show and presenting it, – anxious for the Dan Spremembe (Day for change) to come, where we planned to celebrate our first concert in the yard – DAY for CHANGE – 6th Album and first event of the second season of Živela Ustvarjalnost! – perfect!

At this point, I have to state it from time to time, thanks to our financers, that are in case of Živela Ustvarjalnost, next to lots of volunteering of all involved (as funds are always short), the Javni Sklad za Kulturne Dejavnosti (JSKD), that work in the field of amateur culture in Slovenia and the city administration of Slovenj Gradec, which is the second financial constant in this project.

Here you can check out the text Marko Marin wrote about himself and about his doing, – it was at disposal of the visitors of the exhibition, and it is, in Slovenian language although, available here for you.