Maruša Aberšek – Umetnost in jaz (Art and myself)

Mladi Koroški Ustvarjalci (Young Carinthian Creatives) proofed also in this second edition to be very colorful. It is not only about the motives, the young painter, who studied arts focused on pedagogy in nearby Maribor, but also the people of Slovenj Gradec seem to be supportive of their very own creatives.

It is actually a pity that this enthusiasm for the arts is not extended to other creatives and artists from other parts of Europe. We invited, applied for and in parts realized, but with much less visitors as there are, when showing a local one.

In raum AU we realized, that many more steps and steps, and steps were needed to get where we though we will get much faster. “Potrpljenje” (patience) was what was needed and a big portion of fantasy, seen the fact, that financing creative work is very, very difficult and the amounts are actually not worth be mentioned (as one would start crying, while doing so) and civil society engagement was not a known discipline in these years.

Although it was already 10 years, since the Republic of Slovenia proclaimed independency. – A long way had still do be gone. It is not just changing the system, the mentality and the way of thinking and acting must change along.

The exhibition of Maruša Aberšek showed sketches, paintings, graphics as well as one sculpture. Photos were made by Urška Čerče, thanks therefore!

After the first exhibition of this program, it showed some obsession with photography, specifically with analog photography, this exhibition showed a much more playful approach on quite every medium, excluded photography. It would be interesting to see, where to both women would develop.