Matija Triglav – Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long Live Creativity!)

After Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long live Creativity!) second season started, optimistically and dynamically with Marko Marin we were to host Matija Triglav before working with Mojca Kamnik and Aljaž Kitak. However, about them later on…

COVID-19 restrictions were in place, but we were still able to hold openings. We did things majorly under the roof in front of our main entrance, obviously masked and the exhibition itself was visited one by one.

However, what we presented was something and in such a way, that Slovenj Gradec had not seen up to this very September 2020. We had known Matija since almost the beginnings of raum AU, we frequented each other during some time, but he then left Slovenia, taking on gardening jobs throughout the European Union, I believe. Today, Matija is back in Slovenj Gradec and his bonsai trees, already intriguing years ago, are still something extremely special.

It took some time to convince him to exhibit them, as they are however living beings, not used to be exposed under art-gallery conditions; they are in a way Matijas children, he has been taking care for over a decade.

Thank you for your trust, dear Matija, we are all happy that everything went well and even more so, that maybe someone could feel inspired by what we could present.
Matija prepared also a short text explaining himself and his obsession; it is in Slovene language though.

It was astonishing how many people were curious enough to overcome the COVID-19 panic and they came maybe just for a glance. We were curious about the day of the Greening – Workshop that was placed on program some days later.

Thank you Matija and thank you Tea Logar for assisting!