Meeting with candidates for parliament

This evening spent in pleasant company with informative discourses about somehow more general issues, as it was in preparation of the national elections, is inspired by our program idea Kultura Informiranja, which consistently points out the fact, that a good decision needs a good base of information.

The group of LEVICA, which we are somehow sympathetically bound to, as they have started to organize themselves within our spaces, asked us to stimulate an evening for a talk, and here we were.

It may be mentioned, that we were not funded for this event, as we were not for the informational event organized for the other political party that approached us, the Pirates Party Slovenia.

The participation was good; people seemed to be interested in the ideas of the parliamentary candidates of LEVICA Dorotea Pospihalj (1988), Milan Mrđenović (1985) and Branko Ivanič (1957). It was the first time Slovenj Gradec, Ravne na Koroškem and Radlje ob Dravi had their own candidates.

However, it was nice to acknowledge, that our population starts to get used to the raum AU as a space for discourse. The format we use, of a somewhat moderated but  freely evolving open debate, seemed to be accepted well and as usually generates involving talks.