Mojca Kamnik – AUDIOPICTURES – Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long Live Creativity!)

The third creative in this second season of Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long live Creativity!) was Mojca Kamnik, a preciously sensitive vocal artist. She is co-founder and active part of UK 101 Records developing, with ever more concrete tendencies, a passion for experimental audio projects and audio-therapies, somehow – trying to work out the social focus within her doing.

The QR-codes above the works, here however the hyperlinks in text-format: Housewife, Quarantine and Park near the Road.

We came together, although knowing each other, through the open call and although we would consider her show an exhibition/happening as something to put in the category of contemporary arts, she insisted remaining experimental. She wanted to put her, in the quarantine time developed “AudioPictures” in contact with people, collecting feedback, enforcing a thinking process of the viewer and offering a moment of reflection.

The entire concept, the idea and the desire to debate the “just lived through isolation, through quarantine everywhere” were very exciting arguments, of immediate importance. We were more than happy to work with Mojca, who by the way brought along her friend Branka Jovanović, another very interesting personality, as they work together on occasions like this.

However, we made postcards with QR-codes linking to the Audio-Pictures. That was our idea to reach people, no matter which restrictions would be in play. Unfortunately, our predictions were right and things worsened as they were with Matija Triglav. We were an exception in the cultural sector of our region, being the last and only ones still offering cultural programs.

We prepared, for the first time ever, a virtual opening. We held our opening addresses on video and published it on a certain hour, – that was the opening! We communicated where to find the three AudioPictures and hoped to gather some feedback – we did. People were amazed and the workshop that was to come, virtually, shall become something exciting. 

Here you can check out the text of Mojca Kamnik, explaining her doing and the idea that moved her to expose herself so much – she prepared for the occasion, in Slovenian language, available here for you.