My Future Europe – Europe, My Future (European Creative Camp 017)

This publication, in its embryonic stadium thought to become the close-up, the goal of the European Creative Camp 017. It was developed and evolved on a quite rich anthology of young ideas about their surrounding environment, about Europe and as it is their world, they know, they live, they dream in. We asked them to put on something visual, expressing their view, their ideas, exposing therefore their naive worldviews to us, the others, often captured in our, often quite narrow view of the world, to start shaking our capability to imagine a tomorrow.

This publication, made possible due to our persistence, that it is important, what we contribute, comprises the view of 29 authors, all youngsters between 14 and 30years of age, rooting in various nations within and outside of the European Union. The result is amazing!

As we do not produce for this post and ourselves pleasure only, we engaged and sent out copies of this anthology to all heads of states of the European Union’s member states as well as to other important stakeholders, within politics but also within economical stakeholders.

The feedback we got was actually more than satisfying. Diplomats and stakeholders seemed to appreciate the results. In fact, after “Live for Tomorrow” in 2017 this publication is the second of its kind, documenting the European Creative Camp and spreading young, different, often unheard ideas of the generation that will get quite a heritage, one could say.

This publication was possible due to our long time companions like Gerald Baumgartner and Lym Moreno. It would have ended in a catastrophe without Urška Čerče and Irena Šisernik as well as to all imaginable involved institutions of the city of Slovenj Gradec, who were, as usual quite skeptical, but I believe in the end also glad and proud of what they supported, outside their business as usual. Do get your copy – enjoy and support!

If you are interested in purchasing My Future Europe – Europe, My Future (European Creative Camp 017), listed with the ISBN 978-961-92775-6-0, please contact us at startadialog[@]