#MarNamJe / #NoDayWithoutUs

This project can be considered part of our program Kultura Informiranja as it refers to the general population in our region, providing them information on organizations they tend to judge. It seemed a good moment to inform our skeptic population about our achievements. December 10, 2018, the day we published alongside many other NGO’s, our facts and figures on selfie-pictures through the social media, marked the 70th anniversary of the World Human Rights’ day.

70 years ago, it has been acknowledged that human rights are universal and indivisible, that freedom of expression, of assembly, right to demonstrate, to migrate, to live in peace, and access to education, healthcare, housing, work, right to leave your country, …were rights for all.

Civil society is crucial to protect our European democracies and values against the raising illiberalism. On one hand, it makes access to rights a reality for all, by providing important services and raising people’s grievances in the forefront of public policies.

On the other hand, it plays a crucial role of watchdog, calling out abuses and hate, but it also acts as an innovator, providing needed answers to the dysfunctionalities of the system.

We, a couple of NGO’s, moving into the building of the former Komunala Slovenj Gradec, just started to feel, for the first time, some common ground, some common identity. Our area, located at the border of the old city center, on one side neighboring the local open and closed sports facilities and one of the local primary schools, on the other side neighboring the most populated quarter, called S8, of our town.

In the eyes of everyone, but not legitimized by anyone, not up to now. This occasion, the international action #NoDayWithoutUs, (action toolkit), which in Slovenia were run by the CNVOS and has reached that day more than 2 million people.

We contributed our facts and figures for the year 2018: non-formal education in occasion of 31 projects, fostering social inclusion and intercultural value, while involving more than 600 individuals from 6 EU member countries.