Stare stvari – Oživitev kulture (Old Things – Stimulate Culture)

This project was born out of a simple need of the association. As we never disposed of physical spaces, we mostly worked at our homes. The simple need of a coffee-cup faced us with a totally new aspect of a physical space, the need to equip it?!

There it was, “Stare stvari – Oživitev kulture (Old Things – Stimulate Culture)” was born in just one instant. As we understood quite rapidly that asking for funds, and be it in form for voluntary contributions at our events, exhibitions and happenings, was a difficult task, asking for old furniture, tools, materials kitchen items, dishes and flatware seemed much more feasible.

We put down a flyer, and as we were at quite a good point with our “Delovne brigade (work brigades)” concerned about the renovation and therefore close to the day of our opening, we decided to formulate on the same flyer the official work of our inauguration on June 25, when “Prostovoljstvo podira zidove (Volunteering breaks down walls)”, should become our first exhibition, open to the public.

After disseminating the flyer all around town, sending out the word via radio and TV displays we could gather even more, than we actually needed.

We decided with a quick hand to transform this one-off action an institution by re-naming it into “Prinesi-Odnesi-Tržnica (Bring&Take-Market)”.

This project can be seen, especially by all sceptics of such endeavors like raum AU, as an additional proof, how the ability to face needs constructively improves, when institutionalized spaces, that organize, mentor and support civil societies engagements, exist. –