On Cultural Integration Policy

This OPEN PROTEST LETTER (PDF in Slovenian Language) mainly expressed our opposite standpoint regarding the integrational policies presented by our local municipality. Missing out on this unique chance to excerpt the positive of the situation that aroused in late 2015, when from the south, mainly only coming by, masses of refugees were looking for a safe haven. The idea of our ruling elites was, to offer some holiday complex they own on the other end of Slovenia or a very isolated mountain hotel, reachable in 25 minutes, by car, from the city center.

It was unacceptable for us and as we did not know how to intervene. If not offering our spaces, bordering the city center and expressing our disgrace regarding the ideas of integration the local administrating stakeholders nurture. Slovenj Gradec, the first Slovenian town that got the prestigious title of International Peace Messenger Town, leading this association of more than 80 towns from all over the world during this time.

The letter did reach the public as we addressed it to all organized groups, companies and institutions in our region. The media took the argument and however it may seem we did not change anything. Shaking groups of people to rethink positions they took, defend them and maybe do things differently next time.

Our engagement led to more volunteering, in the name of humanistic values we carry inside ourselves. Only days later we found ourselves consulting and leading the ad-hoc working group.

We are to this day waiting to get, the promised expenses returned, we had during the week-lasting all-day-long activities that followed.