Open Atelier – Pino Poggi: “Tribute to a tree”


This second Open Atelier, we could do with Pino Poggi, happened between July 6 and July 22. This is the third time this AU Environment was realized and the first time the installation was to become sustainable.

As in the first Open Atelier, held with Katja Felle and her Azione Utile within this project, the students of Professor Peter Hergold participated (click the picture above, zoom in and check who they were).

The installation itself was a quite funny cooperation of the most various people. The students unfortunately had lots of work with their exams during this time, so the preparations they contributed were mainly done before the installation itself. The students did color and write on the wooden tables, which should, at the end make the difference.

However, a white tree in the middle of the city would gather attention, but that is not all. We put on a descriptive sign, see here on this post, which explained not only the idea of the AU Environment itself, but concretized the message of this “Tribute to a tree” through the example of a 100 years old beech tree.

The text on the sign is available in English, Slovenian and Italian in pdf. View here.