raum AU is an institution and therefore, besides and additionally to the project-related work, visible in this documentation, we are obligated to be administered as an entity, books have to be kept and reports of many kinds to be processed on a yearly base.
It is therefore a core team of a few persons, named here below, that was willing and motivated enough to work for years under quite difficult circumstances and that are officially responsible and in fact running all administrative, strategic and political matters.

The vision is to contribute proactively and to empower others to pro-activity within their local community by creative means. We do so by offering infrastructures, equipment, ideas and most importantly our expertise. It is therefore, that none of the projects we realized or programs we are running would be a product of the core-team alone. All presented activities are a results of various, inter-generational, inter-disciplinary and often multinational cooperation and of a regular dialog of over 100 members from different, mostly EU member countries, believing and supporting the ideas of Arte Utile. All involved and befriended people will be gradually added to our people profiles.