Piknik: Drugi družinski druž (Piknik: Second family gathering)

This event / happening would be nothing extraordinary, but in our Slovenj Gradec it is worthwhile mentioning as it is one of the first milestones to getting used to cooperate between the resident NGO’s of the HABitat.

Koroška Pride pushing for this informal meet up with food, meet and talk that lasted all day long. Špajz or better MAD being the second resident group being involved and us, the ones with the proper infrastructures. We all probably wish we will much more often go through such nice and relaxing and in the same way educative days. We can and should do so, as probably this is the best way to non-formally learn how to manage events of a certain scale as well as exchange our experiences, informally but effectively – moments like this being a major point of why common infrastructures of independent organisations should be supported and should be on one areal.

Thanks to the, majorly girls of Koroška Pride for having prepared everything at its best, it has been more than pleasant – it’s been rather family like!