pinopoggi 70let – billboards-exhibition

This project consisted in a public intervention in occasion of Pino Poggi`s 70th anniversary.

The idea was to point out the artist’s heritage, situated, since its donation, within the Museum for Social Aesthetics, hosted by the Koroška Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti (KGLU), while offering the reflection of the 70-years old founder of Arte Utile on the world today. Here on the right you can see one of the 4 billboards we realized in that occasion in cooperation with the KGLU. The intervention lasted for two months and it started on the artist’s birthday, on March 4, 2009.

This project presents the second of six projects the group raum AU did before formally organizing as an association under the Slovenian law. Thanks at this point to Marko Košan, Jernej Kožar and Marko Kovač for the excellent cooperation.