Pino Poggi: Arte Utile

This exhibition marks a major turning point within the story of raum AU. On occasion, we presented the online-documentation, where we started to put, for everyone researchable, the Arte Utile of Pino Poggi, since his beginnings until today. Obviously, it is not comprehensive at this point; it nevertheless was already an incredible effort to get here.

We wanted to make the wonderful AU-Environment Damocles, now in the Kunstmuseum Luzern the centerpiece of the anniversary exhibition for Pino Poggi, we did also work on it, to the point to engage a lawyer. Unfortunately, promises are not kept any longer, ethics in artistic environments is not what it could and should have to be. However, also when everything was to be dealt with the last minute, including our loss of funds (once more going into absurd issues instead of being used to present good art), we are very happy of the capabilities of the responsible curator Jernej Kožar and Pino Poggi’s engagement, who really created a unique landscape of Arte Utile, that has probably been one of the best shows seen the last years in Slovenj Gradec.

Obviously, we did support wherever possible and our little detailed part of the exhibition, dedicated to the newly published online documentation.

At the same moment it should be remembered to all of you, reading this post, Pino Poggi and his Arte Utile is from January 1, 2020 100% Slovenian Cultural Heritage! (to be precise Slovenj Gradec’s heritage)

This exhibition, as mentioned, curated by Jernej Kožar, the resident curator of Pino Poggi, put on display a potpourri of works, realized in a time-span of round about 60 years. It was a quite over-viewable retrospective and therefore obviously lacking important details of this artist’s lifework.

Of the utmost importance therefore to perceive the entity of his work, almost 2-years of our work, the online documentation, where people could interact, research online and offline on the walls, as well as leaving their opinion on Arte Utile (it is what we asked for on the white tables).

It was a not comprehensive retrospective, but it can be understood as a quite colorful potpourri, that thanks to the online part we contributed did not lack in detail.

Here you can see what the Museum of Social Aesthetic (Koroška Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti) published on this occasion.

Thanks to the Museum of Social Aesthetics within the Koroška Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti for the cooperation, hopefully we start working more connected and coordinated, not only for our citizens, but for putting Arte Utile to display and in discussion, as much as we can.