Pino Poggi: “Libri” (Books), Slovenj Gradec

This exhibition, one of many events we did in this year with the Koroška Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti, once more points out the Museum of Social Aesthetics, Pino Poggi initiated, when expressing intention of donating more than 300 pieces of his oeuvre. 

This time the focus was on AU Artist Books and Book Sculptures, which are part of Pino Poggi’s works since the very beginning of Arte Utile. The major part of the exposed works are still in the artists’ estate and desired pieces at the art market. The uniquely expressive social aesthetics put on show within this exhibition gathered solely positive feedback, to the point that maybe other locations could get also their edition of Pino Poggi’s Libri.

As Arte Utile usually does, this exhibition, on show from July 30 until October 10, pointed out the improvidence of our occidental societies while reminding its audience to reflect what responsibilities truly lie in willfully intended fate. 

The project, supported by the ministry of culture of the Republic of Slovenia as well as through the City-Municipality Slovenj Gradec was once more a fully satisfying experience to everyone involved and marks another milestone towards an operative additional player in this regions cultural scene.

The documentation photos shot by Tomo Jeseničnik, are able to give a little insight in what this exhibition looked like.