Pino Poggi – The Risen Christ and the Pietà (tourist info folder for the city of Slovenj Gradec)

There are two early works by Pino Poggi in Slovenj Gradec, the Pietà (depicted here below), which is also the family grave-stone and the 8m high sculpture of the AU-Alphabet representing the letter “S” which is installed next to the street leading from north to Slovenj Gradec.

Two sculptures that are located in town since decades, as is the major part of the collection of Pino Poggi, in the Museum for Social Aesthetics within the Koroška Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti (KGLU).

However, no one bothered about explaining to someone, what are these sculptures about, where do they come from, have they a connection to this town, etc.

That in mind we remembered that in the private AU estate there is still a unique sculptural depiction of the Risen Christ, made in 1961 and realized in 1982. Nota bene, the artist was only 22 years of age and still working as a classical sculptor. In a way very rare works of Pino Poggi and unique as far as the chosen moment, when Christ finds himself still involved in a long linen cloth, not knowing very well what will happen to him. Spontaneously, as the family real estate is located in the city center and lots of people pass it daily, we decided to install it at the entrance of the Meškova 3, the family address, getting in that way a chance to realize a promotional folder in Slovenian and English language. As photographing sculptures is a very difficult thing to do, and we did not want to lean on the usual and unique photographer, anybody refers to; we made a project also from this part of the publications production and many thanks at this point to Primož Juvan who took the time and patience to realize these photographs. Thank you Jure Praper, as so often, for the lay-outing.

Jernej Kožar, the, for Arte Utile responsible curator at the KGLU wrote a text, describing all three sculptures, and the tourists can have them since then at the tourist-info! The English version can be viewed online here.