Pino Poggi studio

Pino Poggi and his Arte Utile is from January 1, 2020 100% Slovenian Cultural Heritage, and we dispose of an additional space in the house in the city center, we started adapting.

We did always want to run a residency; we just still do not know how to promote it. We then, obviously needed a space for Pino and his partner Rosi, when they come, usually twice a year.

The idea being to create a Pino Poggi studio, we could use for Pino and Rosi, we could also offer to guests and use for a possible future Arte Utile (AU) artist-residency but also to put generally on disposal to tourists. A charming space, with literature on culture and arts in the city center – could be a way to minimize monthly costs.

The entire studio was done as usually on volunteer base, costs of the materials were financed privately. It was not that intensive in regards of non-formal learning, but some interesting lessons could also be gained of this challenge, a simple, if also artistic adaption of spaces to become a proper apartment.

We are looking forward to operate the studio, although it has been closed to visitors all of the remaining 2020 until summer 2021. However, if you need a place to stay, contact us!