Pirates Party Slovenia and their political proposals

This encounter with students, activists, legal advisers and NGO workers, grouped within the Pirates Party Slovenia ran in the national elections in 2018. Moreover, as we did invite the candidates of LEVICA to talk with us and give us the option to understand their proposals, we did the same with this political party, that would have remained merely unseen to the citizens of our dislocated community otherwise. They talked about their concrete but widely unknown proposals for the 2018 elections.

All people present were in a way surprised to hear the logic behind ideas that are usually not very trustfully presented in the media. They sounded credible, plausible and motivated by a view on things that is usually not in the spotlight.

The most discussed argument of the evening? The Pirates proposal on legalizing cannabis. However, with Urška Čerče moderating the event, a quality debate was assured and the evening evolved fast to something of a political brainstorming, not only about cannabis.

Our community felt good on this day, I would believe. The debates went on for a couple of hours, which was never believed and only seldom occurs.

However, obviously, new ideas, talked through in good company are worthwhile every word and every second.

Thanks to the PIRATES … long live a good discourse!