Pisarna za opolnomočenje državljanov (Citizens empowerment office)

This office is meant to provide qualitative support to citizens that feel the need to consult, although or maybe because they are not sure, whether they are right or wrong, or simply because they do not know where to turn to. – Democracy is not the everyday business of the average Slovenian.

In Slovenian language, this office is called the “Pisarna za opolnomočenje državljanov” and it is one of the two main columns of the project Koroška demokratična postaja, our pilot on non-formal political education.

We prepared, from our offices separated spaces for this office, although it has shown through the first half of 2021 that talks happen all over the raum AU, depending of the situation.
The office is officially open for citizens every day since January 1 and although we thought, we may have difficulties to gather clients, on the contrary.

We are positively surprised and internally obviously satisfied, that our idea was accepted that well, up to today (mid 2021) we could help round about 50 people, which, going through the non-formal political learning will probably in future help themselves and their friends, etc.

Considering the nature of this website, we will not post each and every single detail but only major incidents and mentionable achievements in our rubric Koroška demokratična postaja, together with all the activities that evolve in the second column of this project, the Urban Forum.

The project can happen due to the partnerships with MOCIS, PUM-o, the Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec and the MKC Dravograd as well as due to the visionary funding of the Active Citizens Fund Slovenia, administrated by the CNVOS. Thanks!