POLIGON JUNAKOV (Polygon of heroes) – intermedijski eksperiment

This project, part of our program Kultura Informiranja as well as part of our Program Carinthia Creative has been a wonderful example of combined experimental effort to better conditions and to introduce a contemporary way of entering the world of books.

Although Gangl productions is not located within the HABitat Slovenj Gradec, the persons involved in Gangl production are the same as them of društvo glasbene eksperimentalnosti, therefore this project should have already been seen as what can and will become reality as soon as we join forces, the public and private, the non-governmental sector must stick together for everyone’s sake!!

Concrete the authors of this project wanted to find a new way to bring reading closer to kids and as kids nowadays are all digital, the basic idea was to make a number of old Slovene folk tales into experience – yes, experience through virtual reality. 

Who was part? – Initiator and project holder was Gangl productions, partners of the project were Knjižnjica Ksaverja Meška (local library), Mkc Slovenj Gradec (local youth center), raum AU and the Mladinski Svet Slovenj Gradec (city youth council) and all primary schools of the city were involved.

The installation; a single person, was positioned by an always-present assistant on the right spot. He could interact, select his tale and move within the tale through simple movement of his hands. Invisibly, caught by lasers, the “reader” or “experiencer” of the tale interacted with the animation, seeing himself running, within the tale on big screen.

Within one month of the installation, firstly in the local youth center, then in the local library, round about 2000 kids tried the installation, and although within the team endless possibilities to improve were found, the public was fully into the project – enthusiastically.