Procesi (Processes)

Procesi is a fine arts project, one may even say happening. The only thing we wanted to avoid is the usual exhibition, where curious people, in our region especially supporters of the artists, come and where the usual opening ceremony happens and actually no one really bothers about what is shown. Our intention was on the one hand to let young talented people get their space, their stage to show their ideas and on the other hand, we wanted to mediate, between artists and those interested in art. This may be the only way to renew a dialog between the artist and his audience. Maybe the only way, art would make sense again. Why showing things, no one is interested in discussing, in questioning and confronting themselves with?

Processes is a project, which was supported by our ministry of culture, but through an open call for exhibitions. There is no space for innovation or out of the box projects in the structures of our ministry, even less in all regional calls, that may be pointed out at this point. By the way, already one year later, there was a call published by the ministry for open ateliers. No one told us, that we were the donators of impulse, but it looked quite like that anyhow. In addition, the Alps Adria Alliance supported us, as we would go to present this project also in the 22QM Gallerie, Hartberg, Austria.

However, let us in short resume this project, which was ambitious, as usual under-financed, so thanks to all involved for their sacrifice, and quite interesting to many different groups of people.

The entire project started with two, one-month lasting open ateliers, of two young academics, one painter, Katja Felle and one sculptor, Jure Markota. Both had their ideas and during one month, they took over the entire associations spaces to use as their very own atelier.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons were reserved for visitors and discussions about the process the artists were going through, moments that created a very interesting momentum.

When thinking about understanding the intentions, the motivations and aims of our two artists.

Katja Felle’s focus was on disturbances in communication and Jure Markota’s on memories in a quite general way. However, it was not that important what they focused on, for this project. We, the audience could participate in the process, we could see, question and contribute during the decisive phase, during something, that is somehow always and for anything, essential, but never acknowledged somehow. In a complex world, with complex problems the process becomes essential to follow sometimes, so… 2 months of process and a collective additional two month of assessments and discussions to prepare a presentable bilingual documentation in form of a paper-catalogue.

We went to present to our friends of the AQ Galerija in Celje, Slovenija and as mentioned earlier to Hartberg. Both communities were very open-minded and interested in our experimental project, even some media found it worth to report about our endeavor.

A project that seemed to have moved our ministry to launch a new call for open ateliers and an extended art-community that seemed to be exited! Bravo raum AU, bravo to all involved… more to come, we hope!