“Prste proč” – public intervention by Tina Kralj (European Creative Camp 017)

This, we may simply call it happening, was on one hand another inspiring episode which we lived through during the European Creative Camp 017, as it has been with the video-production of “12” or afterwards. The entire adventure of publishing the “resume” in “My Future Europe – Europe, My Future“, to mention just two “projects” within the project. Not to leave open the question, that there have been many different activities going on during that creative climax.
Prste proč – literally, fingers away, is an expression to say, hands off, do not touch and used as an expression by art historian Tina Kralj to entitle her idea, which was carried out in October 2017 in the city center of Slovenj Gradec. Later on, the interested public united in an open discussion, held in the Čajnica Peč, the local teahouse.

Tina Kralj prepared during the first days of the European Creative Camp 017 a series of visual communication materials, focused on different aspects of sexual harassment. She made posters, to be hanged in the city center, inviting the viewer to reflect a certain aspect, represented by a thesis in written words and in conclusion to decide if he agrees or disagrees. He could then tear of the paper with his position, left to tear off at the bottom of all the colored posters that were hanged throughout the city center.

The aim of the posters being probably to not only invite to the, public and open discussion about harassment held in the late afternoon, the art historian invited interested audiences.

We feared there might not be lots of public. We involved our befriended and long-time partner in different projects, the local home for elderly people to participate, what resulted in vivid additional aspect in regards of the different worldviews of different generations. They were confronted with in parts quite provocative, less stigmatized maybe, but still tabooed in society, and therefore of still often unnoticed virulent presence.

I am obliged to say that this effort to stimulate a maybe otherwise absent public, was without any base, as many people, attracted during the day in the city came, listened and participated vividly.

As the entire action was carried out with lovely precision and passionate dedication it has been an extraordinary pleasure for all involved to work with Tina Kralj, a person, we esteem within raum AU for her sensitiveness to view the aspects of everyday life and to contribute them to be discussed by a broader public.

Thanks Tina, thanks to all others involved!