Prvinsko (Primal). Nuša Golob Grabner, Nela Poberžnik, Karin Rošker

As we have been working for some time obviously with engaged individuals, it had to come to this point in our timeline.

Anastazija Pirnat, the young artist, then in the making, we supported with an atelier and who exhibited in 2019 in our gallery, for some time now engaged with a group of young people starting to organize themselves into Koroška Pride, to stand up for the LBGTQ+ rights in our community, approached us. Do we support their cause? Will we help them organize their first Parada Ponosa (Pride Parade) in Koroška (Slovenian Carinthia)? What if we do an exhibition on the same day, all female artists? What if Anastazija Pirnat and Neja Kaiser would curate that exhibition? –

An absolute and happy yes to all of that!

To see rising, what we always imagined would rise if a HABitat would be offered to a community, to grow, to engage outside their functional curricula – then a citizen will engage. Each and every one in her or his or its way, for their own convictions, but – they will engage!

The concept was clear, this exhibition stood under the light of putting forward gender controversies or maybe better, put on view: Femininity. Sensuality. Identity. Existence. Feeling.

The three young artists, exhibited for the first time, primal so to say, and in their making otherwise on different academies throughout Europe, were Nuša Golob Grabner (1994), Nela Poberžnik (1994) and Karin Rošker (1995).

Their works were curated, for their first time, also primal, by Anastazija Pirnat and Neja Kaiser. We offered mentorship, infrastructures and equipment. Done deal!

The opening, went smooth, it was the day affiliate activists from all over Slovenia came for visit, the day of Koroška’s first Pride Parade!

Lots and many interested folks, Covid-19 almost forgotten, the exhibition gathered quite some interest. In accordance the exhibition was prolonged, and remained on site for a few days longer.

Nice work! Compliments to the ladies involved!