Radical Love as Revolutionary Potential

Another interesting thought, worked out for the group of people that came and where interested, by Dorothea Pospihalj.

Dorothea herself is an admirable person. We have known each other for years now. She started as a fashion designer, held a good position in Milan after her studies, but however, the person she was and is, she could not just make clothes. Already that time, she being one of our participants in the ECC016, she had special sensitiveness for cultural differences and she expressed it within her work.

Her way brought her to become a passionate psychotherapist, practicing today in London and this evening she would talk to us about the implications of radical love as a revolutionary potential. An unusual angle to view things from, but it was exciting to think about the psyche that in fact builds the world(s) each and everyone’s lives in.

These kind of evenings are the evenings, that make a community grow. Nothing specifically spectacular, but the creation of a wonderful ground for common discussions on unusual perspectives, one has to think to take position, as irrelevant it may seem at first sight, it is a relevant exercise in an urban community and does make fun.