Rado Carlo Poggi

Educated master of business administration and political scientist;
Senior experienced producer, author and curator;
Interested in politics, community development and socially engaged art practices;
Born in Germany, lives in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia and Comitini, Sicily, Italy;
Speaking fluently German, Italian, English and Slovenian, knowledge of Spanish and French.


+386 (0)40 394486

Who am I
I am a convinced European by heart, by conviction as well as in a way by birth; my mother being Slovenian, my father Italian and being born and educated in Germany. My personal ambition brought me fast on the way of an entrepreneur, founding and being an operative part of many successful and less successful business endeavors. Mostly in the field of advertising, even when later on, within the market of consumer products at a European level. However, due to family influences as I would call them, in 2004, my way led me into the world of socially and politically engaged art practices, where I felt well and I am active, in a quite versatile way ever since.

What do I do
I critically observe my surroundings; think about conditions, relations and options to better cultural standards within communities. I develop concepts and projects and engage in realizing them, mostly in the position of a producer, arranging the project set up. I am one of the founders of raum AU and its discontinued chairman.
My work includes, less than I would like though, authoring texts on cultural-political matter for publications of various dimension and reach, as well as consulting of the political sphere in similar questions.

What can I be useful with
If any project of ours is of your liking and you would like to get involved somehow, I am the one to contact. If you would like to work with the AU estate, I am your person and if you would like to have a stimulating, target-concerned interdisciplinary meet-up, to understand other dimensions of the same concern, I will gladly contribute my expertise.