S kolesom v mesto (In the city – by Bike!) 2019

Evropski teden mobilnosti 2019 – ‘European Mobility Week 2019. In 2018 we participated big time with our Azione Utile – Javni Prevoz – Mobilnost Prihodnosti, that stretched as an AU Process into early 2019 and succeeding in pushing public debate to establish the, still today (2021) active volunteering service mobilc, organized by our city administration, respective by their public institution responsible for the resort, Spotur.

This year we mainly supported our bicycle fanatic “Vlado”, director of Zavod Ekopren and convinced active citizen, first and foremost engaged in ideas of promoting green transportation. In fact, we have worked with him since last year, on almost all his projects.

We contribute our pragmatical approach on things, add some dimension here and there, and mentor the entire PR and communication process, on and offline. However, the projects we work on together are worthwhile our time and support a proper approach to local mobility. We do not only support the idea, we mostly actively practice these life-lessons on our own!!

Here we started an action, a bound efforts of 47 businesses of Slovenj Gradec to animate the people using their bikes to move in the city center. A coupon, one would get from August 1 until September 21 at each of the both city entrances would make sure benefits at the participating business enterprises. At the same time each of the coupons, collected in this time would become part of a lottery at the end of the European Mobility Week, which would be held in the city center.

We consistently support Vlado and his Zavod Ekopren in all his projects in Slovenj Gradec, as we consistently cooperate with Društvo Varno aktivnih poti since that time, which engages mainly in the neighboring city of Dravograd.

Look at the other projects of 2019 we did together. There is our PešBus (FootBus), the project “Aktivna Pot v Šolo” (Active way to school) as well as “od lokala do lokala – kolesarske rajže” (BikeJourney), an action that lasted the entire summer.

However, – we hope to have brought more people to think about mobility, in general, more sustainably.