Samo JA pomeni JA – signature rally

This kind of activity, clearly fitting in the frame of our Urban Forum, is to understand as, on the one hand a simple and ordinary rally to collect enough signatures to support a legal demand. Colleagues from the Institut 8. marec, asked us to support and we, respecting the content, joined thankfully. On the other hand this activity, supported by national media and inundating the social media during that time, did take care about a certain attention toward our, just and under difficult circumstances started Slovenian pilot project.

We agitate the regional and local media, achieving several publications, like this radio interview from February 17 at Koroška Radio. On the picture here you can see the vice-major Martina Šisernik and chairman of raum AU, Rado Carlo Poggi, while on their way to certify their signature, a mandatory procedure in Slovenia, if you want the parliament to discuss a citizens proposal. And it was this we supported, – today I may say successfully, as on June 4 the national parliament voted in favor of supporting the model SAMO JA POMENI JA (Only YES means YES) and changed in Slovenia the sexual offence legislation. Amnesty International talks about a historic victory for women.

To this rally we invited many of our national friends and colleagues, we were able to mobilize locally Zavod ekopren, Dnevna Soba Studio, Varno aktvne poti, ekološko drušvto Slovenj Gradec as well as Koroška Pride and all the organizations, nevertheless in partnership with us in the Koroška Demokratična Postaja project.

This entire activity, that consisted in a week long physical presence and motivation of passers-by, made it clear once more, that cooperation can bring us far, very far, and we were getting better in understanding and doing so.

Thanks once more to our Slovenian pilot-project Koroška Demokratična Postaja and the visionary funding of the Active Citizens Fund Slovenia, administrated by the CNVOS, we expect many more activities like this to come and we can already assess, that the target to empower the NGO sector in our town, has been already achieved. – Next to have supported very effectively this campaign to actualize sexual offense legislation in Slovenia.