“We dream …”, letter to all households of Slovenj Gradec

This action, an Azione Utile, as we call such an intervention within raum AU, had no specific reason, if not the experiences we make day-to-day, living in a small town environment, things seem often done by a higher force. In Slovenia, we have an additional specific situation; centrally organized Ljubljana has developed everything, leaving the rest of Slovenia as their outskirts. Not enough, from our parts of Slovenia, from Koroška (Slovenian Carinthia), there is even the bad infrastructure, so that our people have the idea to live, but live forgotten by everyone.
Despite this situation and the will to challenge, that seems to be present, the fight for its own identity is always fought with examples seen elsewhere, adapted from Austria, for example, a very popular modus operandi. It gets that far, that when our locals want to have a fountain, they are going to take a drive through the nearby Austria, taking photos, which they use as model… (happened for real)
So, where is our Azione Utile and in what did this intervention consist of. Simple; a text. We printed it, folded and sent out to all citizens of Slovenj Gradec. The letter starts with, “We dreamed …” and it tells the story of a Slovenj Gradec, full of people, happy, vivid, events everywhere, tourists, workshops…. “…then we woke up” is the end of our letter and we added one phrase below saying:

Dreams have the power to change lives, common dreams can change the future of our town.