Nastja Kotnik: Skozi oči temnice (Through the eyes of the darkroom) – photographical exhibition

This exhibition, the first one in our new spaces, besides the one celebrating our working brigades, entitled “Volunteering breaks down walls” was focused on new, still studying or in the phase of starting their development as free professionals in the world of art and creativity.

Nastja Kotnik is a quite an interesting person. In this photo exhibition, she presented an extended version of her diploma. She worked on canvas but mainly on glass, which was illuminated from the back. It is about a variation of different technics to develop photographs and she played all the way long.

As her mentor Darko Slavec wrote in the text accompanying the exhibition, she showed her predisposition for painting much more than for photography. To point out another curiosity, Nastja Kotnik was already during that time, when she did not yet finish her studies, working within a crew for film, so in a way a totally different field of work, however, within that team she filled in for creative stuff, animations, photography, etc.

It should not be the last exhibition of this kind, where we present new, talented and ambitious youngsters and their work.

This program, “Mladi Koroški Ustvarjalci”, which should later on in 2013 present the young painter Maruša Aberšek, was continued in 2014, although it had to be paused the years after that due to lack of financing, a real pity.

As one can easily recognize in the few photographs depicted here, this first show, as well as the second one should gather quite some attention in Slovenj Gradec, which obviously was very nice for all involved!

The municipality Slovenj Grade as well as the JSKD supported this program, but did unfortunately not care about sustainability. It could have become a constant in our town, but for that, unfortunately, enthusiasm alone is not enough.