Slovenj Gradec – TTIP/CETA Free Zone

We categorized this project as a talk and in fact, a talk there was. You see the pictures here on the post, but this was just one of the activities we prepared in the unacceptable way; our politicians want to make economical deals, not bothering that much about what the decisive part of the population thinks about it – the demos!
After a three-day-lasting public intervention where we collected the most signatures in all over Slovenia, this talk was visited by quite some citizens of our little town and most of the decision-makers found themselves in our company, Slovenj Gradec seemed interested.

This activity was obviously not only our doing, we are very happy to have quite active associations in Slovenia, so that we could count on the support of Andrej Gnezda from Umanoterra, Luka Mesec from the political party Levica as well as Anej Korsika, political scientist and freelance author, who moderated the public talk.

Urška Čerče, introduced on the picture above, was later on invited by the city-council to present the state of affairs – the result being:


Thanks at this point to our friend and utilist Dorothea Pospihalj as well as to our utilist Roman Novak, who both engaged themselves extraordinary in this occasion. Unfortunately since then there are lots of TTIP and CETA Free Zones, alternative deals are done, things are simply then called differently – as long as we do not interest ourselves (meaning the demos) for things happening around us, they will happen as people who have interest in them will want to!!