Športna Nedelja (Sporty Sunday) – 27 TV broadcasts

Also this project, part of, TV SG and the idea to settle fundaments for Slovenian Carinthia to grow their own identity, was part of our program “Kultura Informiranje“.

It was strictly connected with our weekly Sports News, reporting about news of the entire region and showed registered games of Football, Handball or Volleyball, the three team-sports this region is present in national leagues.

The raw materials came from the sports-clubs themselves, we adapted and optimized them for TV broadcasting. As the name suggests, the idea was offering a sports event after Sunday’s lunchtime.

It was accepted very well and in parts shown on our partner TV channels in the various cities of Slovenian Carinthia. Due to the problems we had with Matej Nabernik and his attitude towards us, it stopped already in September 2014, some months before our cooperation with TVSG ended.