Športni Tednik Koroške (Sports Weekly Slovenian Carinthia)

Another intense project, part of a larger one; TV SG and the idea to settle fundaments for Slovenian Carinthia to grow their own identity, and therefore part of our program “Kultura Informiranje“. We realized one season of weekly Sports News out of the entire region. This show, together with the weekly news-journal “aktualno z Urško Čerče” were the most influential broadcasts we produced, however, they were also the most complex ones, as there was lots of coordination, traveling and different studio or outside situations to manage.

This show was moderated by Matej Nabernik, who was incredibly difficult to handle, as he had no experience, but started quite soon, due to the, we may call it fame, he got through his TV presence in Slovenian Carinthia (Koroška) to set demands and develop ideas, that did not fit reality. However, since we worked together it was a positive cooperation, which came to an abrupt ending.

The show was broadcasted on TV SG, on Koroška Televizija Dravograd as well as on the cities TV channel of Ravne (similar to the former TV SG mostly used to broadcast the municipality councils.

There was absolutely no funding from anyone in this project; in fact, at this point of the TV SG project, especially Rado Carlo Poggi funded what was needed, and the ones most involved contributed their time.

Needles to say, also here we did a good job, we set an important mark! – Thanks to all involved!!