Int. Graffiti- and Street Art Festival STYRIA 2015

The second Erasmus+ youth encounter of the year 2015 was once more a step forward in doing these kind of projects. The team, led by Norbert Lipp, Zsuzsanna Paloczi and Rado Carlo Poggi already during the preparation meetings apparently bettered their cooperation. Workflow was coordinated, timetables were held as planned and the preparations for the encounter itself was best practice like.

The Festival, involving officially 48 participants, even when as in all our other up to this date realized project of this kind, we involved many more youngsters of the local and regional schools, was held once more in Fürstenfeld. Public walls, canvases, street posters and other recycled materials were the materials that waited patiently to be worked on.

Working spaces were once more the wonderful abandoned tobacco factory in Fürstenfeld (to see in the picture above). As mentors, we could once more gather a group of very different and in the same time experienced artists. We had the pleasure to get acknowledged and during the entire week very close with Lym Moreno (Venezuela), Simoni Fontana (Greece), Agiris Ser (Greece), Slaven Lunar Kosanović (Croatia) and Daan Botlek (Netherlands). At this point, thanks to this wonderful team of mentors, wonderful experience for all youngsters!

The third year of Street Art and Graffiti activities in this city, with many walls left a much more colorful start to become the image to the city. An impulse to diversify public space, that by the way is an important aspect if viewed closer. Nevertheless, not here, not now… go for yourself and see the many artworks there, the testimonials of our first three Festivals.

This time, as a very nice side effect, we were invited to work on three walls within the JUFA Hotel; we resided during the entire festival. Moreover, these walls were not done by mentors and experienced artists, but by some of our participants. Are not these the reasons, we do such projects, to push young people into their passions, best, when they may immediately work for real. Here it happened, wonderful!

In addition, this Festival was documented in the best way possible, social media were involved all the time and much more people than just our participants were informed about almost every and each step. Thanks to Urška Čerče therefore! See yourself on our youtube channel.

This youth encounter should win some awards and for real, each and every of the participants. On the other side it became evident, that we would go much further, than the idea of Erasmus+, however it makes sense, absolutely!

First thoughts to change the way of acting, due to difficulties of costs covering with Erasmus+ funds only, started during this festival, curious what will evolve from here on….