Facilitating local political organization

Also this activity in itself is no project, was never funded with any public money, but, as the infrastructures existed and were available and we were contacted in early 2016 from different sides, – the interested political party as well as the interested citizen of our regions -, we did welcome the idea of meetings within the raum AU,

Using the AU space for talking about local affairs, issues and problems to solve while facilitating and supporting active interest and engagement in political affairs is our mission, is it not?

We did however have many talks in how far we could as cultural institution, propagating an open dialogue and advocating for an informed individual, mark ourselves partisan in this post-socialist environment of ours, where political belongings still very much reign public affairs, for the good of their “own ones”. – A culture is not easy to erase, not simply by deciding to be a democracy! (Our project Koroška demokratična Postaja is a natural consequence of this assessment).

Ok, long introduction to a quite simple process, which became possible due to our group of interested (Zainteresirani) as well as due to our, to this point earned reputation. Due to it we were contacted by the initiative of democratic socialism, a political initiative, that joined a coalition of the “united left” at the 2014 national elections, which were able to gain seats in the Slovenian parliament. In this process, they have merged into the “Levica” (Left) party, which is since a decisive force in Slovenian politics.

The idea was to offer space to talk about political affairs with the aim to form enough critical mass to establish a regional or local political association, which also happened along the way of several meetings, between 2016 and 2018. One day they started meeting up elsewhere, after Ravne na Koroškem got its first “Levica” city counselor, organizational matters found their personification.

Meetings are today mostly held at the MKC Slovenj Gradec and this entry was made in occasion of the end of this process of mentoring and support. raum AU is a politically independent entity, although sympathizing and actively cooperating in any human and civil cause that seems appropriate to us.