Janez Markeš – preko pogovora do impulza (through dialogue to an impulse)

This event, we named once more with the charming title “Preko pogovora do impulza” (Through dialogue to an impulse), promising new ideas, to be born, firstly acknowledged and maybe later on proliferated in everyday talks in everyone’s everyday life, that is the idea. The event categorizes as part of the program “Kultura Informiranja” (Culture of Information) as it serves exactly its purposes. To inform people, to stimulate engaged thinking by getting to know different aspects on relevant issues.

It must be said, that this event has been carried out by the newly formed Skupina Zainteresirani (The group of interested), who evolved from the associations project Globalni Trendi – Koroško Oko (Global Trends – Carinthian View) and started to act under the patronage of raum AU. In fact we were mentoring the single initiatives, took matters here and there in our hands to get things done within the shortest possible time span, to stimulate this dynamic. However, Janez Markeš was the first event of the group of interested, which referred to a general audience, by invitation to a proper event.

We were able to invite Janez Markeš, the author of “Premišljevanje o Sloveniji” (Thoughts on Slovenija), whom we thought would be the first of many.

It was to be different, we paused this activity due to space issues that bothered us for some time in 2017. At this point big thanks to Nika Kovač, who is responsible, that we could contact Janez Markeš.

The date was perfect, once more our old spaces, the POSTAJA RAUM AU was cozy, and as it was summer and outside boiling hot. We had cool spaces due to the thick stonewalls, adding to this, convenient ambience the stimulating thesis, contra thesis, argumentations of past errors and future opportunities, this evening should become what we hoped. By entitling it the way we did, talks that were something more than just talks, somehow the impression was, some impulses were seeded.

As it can be seen in some of the pictures from this event, we gathered also audio and video materials of this event, but as the materials are still in raw format and never cut to a comprehensive, viewable format, we beg your patience and promise you, that it will be the right time, when we finally publish this document of Janez Markeš in discussion with the group of interested citizens of Slovenj Gradec.