Television, a perfect medium, especially today, as actually everything comes out of that box. With Urška Čerče, we have maybe the most talented person of the Slovenian television business within raum AU. Since ever we wanted to re-animate Slovenj Gradec and consequently Slovenian Carinthia (Koroška) this was actually no choice but a very, very interesting new way to go; to proliferate information (program Kultura Informiranja) and to set for new experience within the association.

First, we had to build a studio, possibly one, that could be used in many ways. As technology offers the green-screen option, we decided to go for it. We had, useless to say, no funds. People and companies of the surrounding had no interest in our ideas and visions and the Slovenian media law speaks quite clear also in regards of TV promotions, not to talk about the difficulties to sell promotional space at a TV station that usually did broadcast only once a month the seating of the municipality counsel.

So, next step, after having improvised, a quite functioning studio, was to create content, possibly informative content, but also cultural content should not miss, we needed a program, not necessary filling up all the week, but with a certain regularity we had to get people used to TV SG.

We realized 6 different contents; “aktualno z Urška Čerče”, “Športni Tednik Koroške”, “Pravljični Trenutki”, “Joga s Katjo” as well as “Športna Nedelja” in “Kulturni Cukrl”. All in all several thousands of minutes of content. In only 4 months, we reached a regular audience of 20.000 people.

One may ask, what did become of this success-story. I should answer “local politics” and “clientelisms”. We were never legally involved with TV SG, besides Urška Čerče as editor in chief and Rado Carlo Poggi as production manager regarding all the TV broadcasts of raum AU. Even when we did no longer work with TV SG, someone else did learn many things and politically intriguing much better than raum AU is covering this field now. Visually the program offered now is acceptable, the formats are on the other hand undiscussable, and so is the quality of the content. It is what the Slovenian Carinthians believe to be, provincial. Nothing wrong with that, we agree, but when ambitions reach only the own purse, things change and provincial gets contra-productive.

However, we did give an example; someone found worth following, things did change to a better, even when there remains very much room for optimization, not to talk about the still not rooted culture of information. In a way we are a step ahead, for real it may on the other hand be difficult to improve things on the short term. – Lets observe!

Within some month, I think we started late April 2014 and came to close our relations with TV SG definitively in the beginning of 2015, we produced six different TV broadcasts and reached any of the approx. 70.000 inhabitants in Slovenian Carinthia (Koroška).