Urška Čerče

Educated as theoretical pianist;
Senior experienced journalist, media-producer and public relation specialist;
Interested in politics, arts, community development and music;
Born in Slovenia, living in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia;
Speaking fluently Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, English and knowledge of German and Italian.


+386 (0)40 355381

Me, in short.
I am a musician by education, but I have found my love very early on in journalistic production and later in the realization of cultural projects.

Some details.
I have started my professional career as a reporter at the Slovenian national Parliament, Državni Zbor RS, and continued producing and hosting different reality shows, which have been broadcasted on national television in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia for over a decade.

Since mid-2011 I am involved in raum AU working hand in hand with Rado Carlo Poggi on the vision to organize, stimulate and support the creation of a pluralistic urban culture; our projects and programs promote participation in socio-political processes, strengthen culture of dialogue and information.

Recently, I am engaged very much in andragogic-pedagogic projects with the purpose to promote qualities like solidarity, tolerance, social inclusion and intercultural dialog through informal or non-formal learning processes.

Personal note.
During the period of working in raum AU, I also grew as a person, especially in terms of understanding the importance of democratic processes and the role of arts and culture for the individual and the society as a whole.