Utopija oblik (Utopia of Form)

This cooperation of five non-governmental groups of our town, was initiated by ArtCon, a newly founded association with the aim, similar to ours; although limited to one event a year and mainly contributing one colorful impulse a year. A selected artist and his work is put in the middle of attention and some contents with common ground for anyone belonging to a community are put in dialog.

This premiere event was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 30 – September 1, including an opening event of a publicly installed intervention of Lan Seušek, workshops held by Ana Čepin and Mateja Šavc, some musical performance by Dajana Prošev and Žiga Sedar as well as two main events of a talk, an artistic and a philosophical one. The philosophical one prepared by Aleš Gangl, moderated and driven dynamically by the main mentor of the entire event, raum AU’s Urška Čerče, who had editorial surveillance on the artistic talk. (Press release in SLO)

A big congratulation to Ana Čepin, for her persistence and freshness in approaching the matters in affair. Putting the eye on an experienced cultural worker to realize the best possible outcome did pay off.

Partnerships, as here, of the the cultural association – gallery of fine arts ArtCon with the Klub koroških študentov, Mladinski Svet Slovenj Gradec, the association Glasbene Spektakularnosti as well as us, raum AU are exemplary.

The support of the City administration of Slovenj Gradec on the other hand essential for a constructive and smooth workflow.

In essence, although, this may be underlined, affairs were put in practice by a big engagement by many volunteers (what should be acknowledged as the lack of public funding in Slovenia, it actually is). These kind of events that unite several groups of active citizens, organized and reaching themselves, each organization their target group did produce the multi-generational, multi-disciplinary and multi-thematic platform, where utopias of form could be discussed prosperously. – An interesting event, – to be continued …