Int. Music Festival Voices 2016

This second edition and assessed today, while writing this post, I have to admit, we got more organized, our minds could be focused more on quality. This international music festival had quite a level, regarding techniques used and regarding the performances at the end of some day’s common practice. Impressive, thanks to all involved. Different Videos made during this youth encounter can be watched on the ERASMUS+ playlist on the raum AU youtube channel.

This time, the atmosphere was set by our title, a demand and declaration to action: “For a Europe of diversity. Hear our VOICES as the key for Peace!”

The international Music Festival Voices 2016, organized from September 30 to October 8. The inviting organization was Kulturforum Weiz and the participants, next to the ones from the region, were sent, as in the first edition from the Körmendi Kulturális Központ, Körmend, Hungary and raum AU, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia and by Future Icons e.V., Graz, Austria. This edition was joined by a new, German partner; Kastell Windsor e.V. Falkenstein, Germany.

The mentors this time were Agata Pisko (Poland, Austria), Lisa Tendl (Austria) for POP Voices, Murat (Slovenia) for BEATBOXING, Dj Elwood (Austria) and SoundMarie (Austria) for DJ-ing, Nick Acorne (Ukraine) and Valerio Zanini (Italy) for SOUND-DESIGN as well as Lukas Joham (Austria) for MEN’s VOICES and Martin Stampfl (Austria) for STYRIAN VOICES.

Norbert Lipp was the director of the Festival, Rado Carlo Poggi took care of the theoretical workshops and supervised the youth encounter, Zsuzsanna Paloczi did contribute as historian while taking care of the Hungarian participants, Urška Čere on the other hand had the difficult task to document all of it, while not losing eye-site of the remaining participants.

However, a good time, music all along…. satisfied hordes of youngsters… thanks to all!

Look at the video fly-through of the entire youth encounter!