Int. Music Festival Voices 2015

Our friend Norbert Lipp is an academic musician and as such obviously interested in bringing young musicians together. As we had positive experience with Erasmus+ in the last years we decided to apply for support for two different youth exchanges. One regarding music and the second, the International Graffiti- & Street Art Festival 2015. We got both approved, and so we started on September 30, with participants from Hungary, Austria and Slovenia, with two Slovenian mentors, Murat and Darko Nikolovski. However, Rado Carlo Poggi once more took care about the overall organization, the coordination during the entire youth exchange. Norbert Lipp did coordinate all issues with all other involved sponsors, supporting institutions, he furthermore organized the participation of almost all middle schools during our visit and not to forget, the below in the picture depicted, the gala evening, which shell become an unforgettable evening, with approx. 200 persons in the audience.

Collaborates within the Erasmus+ project were, now each other very well-known Kulturforum Weiz (Norbert Lipp), the Körmendi Kulturális Központ (Zsuzsanna Paloczi) and raum AU (Rado Carlo Poggi. The new entry in the core team was Urška Čerče, who would from this Erasmus+ project on; take care of proper documentation as well as communication via social media. This addition was an important one, as more and more things are settled on social media, most news are perceived through social media, etc etc.

As mentioned in the beginning, we had Murat, an extraordinary beat boxer and rapper, very well known in Slovenia and quite one of the best when working with newcomers, as we definitively did. In addition, not to forget, as we are talking about Voices, it is an instrument played by voice, and can be used whenever, with whatsoever music. We thought this is an optimal addition to some sensitive songwriter, charged with contemporary critic and rapping himself as well. Its Darko Nikolovski, the second mentor of the International Music Festival with Erasmus+ youth exchange, as we were talking obviously always about the EU, our living environment, about perspectives and about what is all going wrong these last years.

At the end, after some days of intense workshops, songwriting and lots of rehearsal, we were part of the close-up gala, which was held in a wonderful glass-house, or one should probably better say glass-hall. However, a wonderful project, a new experience for raum AU as we seldom operate with music as it is not our expertise, but people went crazy.

As we, raum AU work mainly with schools, our participants come from any imaginable region of Slovenia, and similar it is with Norbert Lipps Kulturforum Weiz and with the Hungarian partner participants, which did not come exclusively Körmendi Kulturális Központ, which was led by Zsuzsanna Paloczi. As our partners vary that much it in the composition of their participants, that it makes only sense to continue our collaboration and, if possible enlarge this idea on a scale we may finance ourselves as well.

Video Flythrough of the entire International Music Festival Voices 2015 to see on our youtube channel.