Volitve DZ2014 (Parliamentary election 2014) – 8 self-presentations of candidates

This is now a par excellence example of our program “Kultura Informiranje“. After the first ever held face-to-face encounters before public of local elections, we wanted to contribute also in occasion of the parliamentary elections in 2014.

As candidates are set up quite under suspicious calculations that are not that transparent to anyone, candidates that could be voted for in Slovenj Gradec, were not known to many of our citizens. As media are what they are, and big parties in difference to the smaller ones have budgets to correct this, the others are left behind.

We decided to give 5 to 10 minutes to every candidate, under the same circumstances, without questioning or any other support, just explaining to their audience, why they should trust them, vote for them and set all their hopes on their people and the party they represent. We think this approach can give an authentic picture of a person, also when people who are used to speaking appeal more attracting. In 5 to 10 minutes, the content is of eminent importance. Here below video-stills of all eight candidates, the entire self-presentations can be viewed on our youtube channel.