What can I do against global warming?

This project, in Slovenian named “Kaj lahko storim v boju proti podnebnim spremembami?” is a long-time project, that lasted from March to July, so during all of spring into the summer. It was an initiative, somehow of the entire team, that started last year the BikeJourney, FootBus, Active Way to School as well as In the City – by Bike, all projects running in 2020 (as long as it was possible).

This specific idea consisted of an exhibition that on nine panels (2x1m) pointed out what an individual can do to contribute, little by little. In addition, even when maybe the overall effect of individuals contributing is not the solution, it is for sure the first step to change the wider picture. All enterprises, all big polluters are run by groups of individuals, hence every single person and his habits are the key.

We started on March 11, it was the day of the city council meeting, and we put ourselves on the main square in front of the municipality. It may be mentioned that the project was carried out in accordance and in cooperation with the city administration, who supported the project in regards of covering the production costs. The first impact was positive and the first month to come; all visitors of the municipality shall be welcome by our exhibition. Next stop the city center! In June, we moved the panels in front of the oldest and most traditional pastry shop of our town, the slaščičarna Šrimpf. On that occasion, Adi Smolar, a well-known songwriter in Slovenia, joined us and played some of his songs, elaborating similar arguments as the one in question here in a humoristic way. Only good vibes, not to forget, we just went through a major lock-down and we started going out and socializing just then!

The last planned station for our educational panels, even when there should come another one on occasion of the European Youth Week in the Youth Center Dravograd later on, was the local youth center.

The moment was picked in a way, that it coincided with a party meeting of “LEVICA“, the national left party, so also this time we could attract a notable amount of attention. We invited two of our young friends from the local gymnasium that frequently visit the raum AU and HAB.

We still have to mention, that the entire exhibition was based on cartoons, published by MLADINA, a Slovenian weekly, who cooperated as well in the endeavor. A supporting part was played also by the construction company KOSTMANN and the local ecological association, the Ekološko Društvo Slovenj Gradec.

These projects are important, even if they are not spectacular. In times we are surrounded by ideals and stereotypes of a good life consisting of pollution on every step, we will not be able as a society to go the right path, we need to start living the change, each and every one, otherwise it will be more than difficult to merely believe, things might change. Thanks to all involved, for the consistent volunteering that could make this project possible.

We, together with Zavod Ekopren and others consistently work on making the presence of such panels and especially other little differences a daily reality, good for all of us!!