Work in culture – a day in raum AU

A quite lovely day in a very mixed group, talking about past endeavors, plans, ideas and what to maybe do together?!

Our friends from PUM-o Slovenj Gradec came for a visit, which extended to an entire program about what it is like to work in culture. – is it possible to survive, while concerning about culture?

Urška Čerče did make the view questions worthwhile. A simple answer became a late morning with closing pasta al pomodoro, very much improvised and a story and lesson to be learned for raum AU and Arte Utile.

As it is for many years we have worked with all major and minor educational institutions of our town, this post should be seen as what a usual day in raum AU can evolve to and often does.

A raum AU, that becomes more and more a place to meet, acknowledged as the place to be.