WORKSHOP: Lead glass mosaic / mentor: Alenka Seničar

In this workshop, we could live through the creation of a simple, linear glass tile mosaic. Alenka did provide all necessary equipment and materials; she does need to work and to go through the entire process with the participating few.
In general the participation in our workshop starts growing but remains relatively low, approx. between 5 to 15 participants, what on the one hand may seem less attractive from a numbers-view, but exceptional from a learning process point of view.
The idea of the workshop was to give a basic insight in how mosaic windows, all of us know from churches or other official portals of public houses, or similar. The art nouveau period being the time, that inspired our creative, we believe.

However, this workshop was worthwhile as it gave interesting and curious details within the process of work itself, demonstrated, solved.

Thank you Alenka, not only for the insights in knitting, she gave us at her Živela Ustvarjalnost! exhibition and many thanks also for this morning of inspiration.