WORKSHOP: Burn-drawing / mentor: Franc Denovnik

This workshop was about the technique of incising a drawing on a wooden plate. Other wooden material would fit obviously just that fine. A group of youngsters, part of our befriended Project PUM-o Slovenj Gradec came over and the participation developed to an eager one, where most of the participants in fact finished a piece and some of them further accorded with Franc Denovnik to meet once more, as the coloration opened some interesting debates and questions. He, Franc, offered his answers and solutions. For that matter, also this workshop was not a planned one. Somehow, during the first workshop, where we went through the process of making a model, the pictures, hanging on the wall became an argument as well… and there we were. Due to our infrastructure, fitted with the possibility to host such events and thankfully for all passion that lays in the creatives, who are working with us on all our projects free of charge, doing their mentoring voluntarily, getting usually only covered their costs. –

For Franc this was the second workshop he held in his life and he already got a proud familiarity with teaching his knowledge, as we prepared very well for his first workshop held with us, in occasion of his exhibition in the raum AU, just some days ago.

Admittedly it could have been more profound and maybe motive-wise more versatile, but it was very authentic and credible, which apparently enchanted the majorly young participants, the group being majorly the same, showing up to both workshops.

Somehow a pity we still run these kind of workshops under a certain skeptic view of our citizens; citizens of a small, conservative environment are not that open as one may think sometimes – but things are getting better, day by day.